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The Leadership Quarterly™ is the periodic business journal for The Leadership Circle that addresses the issues that are critical to your competitive advantage, including periodic thought pieces. With insights and commentary from Bob Anderson, founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, and other industry leaders, the Leadership Quarterly discusses these important issues to help create exceptional leaders within your company.

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INSPIRED MENTORING – A LOST ART: A guide to tapping collective expertise, heart and soul

September, 2014 | by Dan Holden

I arrived late to the gate on the mentoring train. I’ve been busy all of my life making a name for my business and myself. I’ve trained hard to know my customers and respond to what was in their best interests. Twenty-five years self-employed as an organizational consultant, I know […]

LeaderFire: The Alchemy of Transformation (An Internet Audio Series)

April, 2014 | by Bob Anderson

The Leadership Circle Profile, and its underlying Unified Model of Leadership, was developed by Bob Anderson.  His purpose was to create an assessment and development process that is deep enough and complex enough to match the complexity of the challenges leaders face today.   We know that effective leaders out perform […]

Business Results and Effective Leadership – “Effective Leaders Outperform Ineffective Leaders every time.”

March, 2014 | by W. A. (Bill) Adams

Leaders are experiencing expanding global competition, accelerating pace of change, mind-numbing complexity, and increasing instability.  We work with leaders all over the world and most are seeing a growing gap between the rate at which complexity is increasing and their own capacity to lead.  This leaves us with the questions; […]

Coming Full Circle

February, 2014 | by Betsy Leatherman

February 6, 2014, San Diego, CA Welcome to whole leadership.   By Betsy Leatherman, president of Full Circle Group After reading Bob’s transformation piece in our Leadership Quarterly, I felt compelled to write to you all.  I feel so grateful to learn from an absolute Master in the midst of his […]

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